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Hi there!  I’m Samara. 

I laugh loudly, talk waaaaaay too much and can be a bit of a swear bear, but I’m also a one-woman cheer squad for ideas, projects and new adventures.

I graduated from Curtin University in 1996 with a BA Design (Photography) with high distinctions. Yeah, I was a nerd. Then I wasn’t.

After graduating I followed, as my Dad would say, my gypsy feet. I travelled the world, working with photographers, advertising and digital agencies for 10 years. I went adventuring in foreign countries, I met rock stars and briefly tried being one. I was on telly once and even exhibited, and sold out my work in a two person show in Belfast. In 2009 I returned to Australia to begin my next big adventure.

When I’m not  twirling a camera I’m distracting my creative buddies at XO Studios with yet ANOTHER project idea. I seem to always be creating something.  Anything. My current obsession is soap making, or crochet, or tap dancing. Or photographing my cat. I may have some form of Hobby ADHD…

What I do.

Based in Fitzroy North with my cat Murray, I’m energized by creative problem solving. Working with brands and products to define and capture their visual style to help their business grow - this is my gasoline. 

I’m inquisitive and love unearthing stories and finding that unique uncut gem in every person and business.  That thing you are so used to, you don't see how remarkable it is. I love finding that, dusting it off and polishing it on my sleeve. 

And I’m a firm believer that our differences are our strength.

Oh, still here? Let’s connect! or follow along on the INSTAGRAMS 

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P.S. I hate having my photo taken too, I promise to make it so much fun you won't even notice it happening.